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re: No offence here, i get your point, but I think your question disturb's reality a little bit. These products (WordPress not so much) claim that you...

The question does distort reality (intentionally), and I think my answer put simply is, "You don't." I've intentionally phrased it as it's been phrased to me by others so that they will find it.

New developers see these platforms and get scared. Their reality is distorted because they don't know what the reality looks like. They think this is the kind of work they would want to do and see software gobbling up marketshare for prices they can't touch. The intent here is to shift that mindset.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply!


In that case we do agree! :) I merely wanted to add my experience as a former freelancer dealing with clients.

Thanks for sharing. It’s much appreciated! 😊

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