Discussion on: Are CSS and HTML programming languages?

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Consider this: Computer programming is about automation (computer automation).
So when someone says, programming language a set of people think, "Hmmm...this must be a language that enables automation."

HTML is defined as a markup language and doesn't contain language elements to enable automation directly.
You can see this at work because later, people who were working in static HTML came up against its limits. That's when Brendan Eich of (then) Netscape created JavaScript and added it to HTML (browser's really) to enable automation (dynamic content).

Now, of course, many people will say, HTML allows the automation of static documents. It allows browsers to render a document and that is a kind of automation.
So, this is the real distinction and why certain people hear someone say HTML is Programming Language and balk, because it doesn't really enable automation the way they feel a programming language does.