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Most Loved Languages 2020: Go(lang) Ranks #5

Just thought this might be interesting since my recent article about my introduction to Go (here on Dev.To) inspired people to let me know how much they hate Go.

StackOverflow Devs Rank Go #5

You can see the details of the ranked languages at stackoverflow.

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean that Stackoverflow devs seemed to have ranked Go as the #5 loved language?

There are many conclusions we could draw:

  1. 60% of the respondents to the StackOverflow 2020 Survey are shills, idiots and/or criminally insane. 🤣
  2. The Go creators have paid off Stackoverflow 2020 Survey responders so that they would respond favorably about Go.
  3. Respondents to the Stackoverflow 2020 survey aren't "Real Devs" and they are just picking their favorite languages by how much they like their names (Go is a good name, isn't it?).
  4. 60% of the respondents to the Stackoverflow 2020 Survey thought that Go was referring to the ancient game of Go.
  5. Other? Chime in and let me know why a large number of respondents said this is their "most loved" language of 2020.

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