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re: You need to find better sources. Modern CF uses scripting. There are at least 2 "free, well maintained open source" CFML engines that I know of.
  • CFScript is a band-aid solution, it is not possible to use every CFML tag from CFScript, the implementing server has to provide a function, there is no documented way of adding top level CFScript functions, when one wants to wrap a tag in a function - good luck without having to write temporary files...
  • These 2 engines are not fully compatible with the official closed-source version. For example, BlueDragon handling of importing / creating instances of objects highly deviates from Adobe CF. Lucee has a whole page dedicated to unsupported tags: and their own tags:

You're killing me dude. Your point one was correct 5 years ago. Your second point is not an issue if you know what you are doing.

You seem to have a short fuse. Even COBOL is great, if you know what you're doing.

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