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REST API Design, Development & Management (1)

Hoo-ah! welcome to part one from REST API Design, Development & Management Article series !

in this series we going throw some API topics like:

  • Evolution of RESTful services
  • REST API Architectural Constraints
  • Designing REST API
  • REST API Error Handling Patterns
  • REST API Cache Control Pattern
  • REST API Security & Documentation and much more...

So , What is API and what's it's Job ?

API is stands for Application Programming Interface
,and simply i'd like to say it's a way make some code talk to another throw many ways send and recive data with kind of data format. And one of these ways is HTTP.

In this article we will go throw Roy Fielding's Paper,Representational State Transfer (REST) as our reference .

As we mentioned above API is sending and receiving data in kind of data format let's mention the most common two : XML & Json.

Well,Send and receive are two words that humans use , but
when we deal with an API we use Request and Response.
Simply clients send Requests to Servers and Servers are Responding to them with Response.

Feeling some gullibility here but why make it complicated!😂

Hey,We will discuss the anatomy of Api's Requests and Responses later! 👀

Piece of legacy

In 2003 the most common pattern to transfer data between
clients and server was in XML, it's kind of data format .
It's called SOWAP shortcut for Simple Object Access
, it's a good way btw! , But it's major
disadvantage was ➡️ Heavy on network and slow performance! here where JSON has come and take the lead 🔥 .
and JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation

So, what the difference between API and RESTful API and what REST stands for !?

Well ,we could say that not every API is RESTfulone !

And ?

And that's it for this part!

So,what next ?

  • How APIs work with HTTP.
  • Request and Response Architecture
  • Answering What is RESTful.
  • How to make my API REStful.
  • Whats is richardson maturity model ?

Thanks ,have a nice time 😉

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