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One thing that I do and suggest is to frequently take breaks and walk around. I wear a Fitbit and it nudges me every hour to get up and complete 250 steps. That kind of works for me.

I use stairs wherever I can & try to drink plenty of water.

I used to go to a gym every day but that habit got left out. Planning to start working out again.

It's very easy to get sucked in or wired in when you're enjoying coding something but sitting around too much will do a lot of harm in the long run.

Stay healthy.


I use workrave sometimes.

It remembers you to take breaks and also gives you ergonomic advices and exercises.


I used to go to a gym every day but that habit got left out. Planning to start working out again.

All the best for that man from the fellow lifter.


I've been having really hard times lately (for about a month) during which time I just couldn't make it to the gym. Restarting again is hard, even for me who used to work as a group exercise trainer. How I still restarted training was the strategy of baby steps: ie. starting with light and not-so-focused workouts where my only aim was to enjoy what I'm doing (and not necessarily hitting PRs, etc). After 2 or 3 occassions, I might be back on track again. :)


That's awesome, Krisztina. Btw, how long have you been off workouts? I've been out of touch for like a year now. :-(

I agree with the baby steps approach.

I'm also thinking to start light bodyweight exercises at home first, get the hang of it again and then start going to the gym. :-)

It's been for about a (long) month for me. I'd suggest you just restart right at the gym - we may be different, but I can't really workout at home, it is just way too distractive! And I also like the "iron smell". :D You shouldn't be afraid of anyone mocking you (if this is your reason behind restarting at home). Those who do, don't have a clue about safe training. ;) (and otherwise, seriously, none of their business if you are starting out with lighter weights).

No, it's not about people mocking me. The gym is a little away from my home. Need to find the motivation to go there again. 😅

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