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Github Stats

rahulmanojcet profile image Rahul T ・1 min read

GitHub Stats

Get the details of the developers at your fingertips

Live Demo



Share your profile to any one with your name, photo and details

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Replace the username with your github username


Bookmark other users repos for later reference

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Future Plans

  • Add a chart for the contributions of the user

Contributions are Welcome

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Thanks for sharing.

I'd recommend against using an .xyz domain as it is commonly used for fraud and spam. And people are rightfully suspicious to click on it.

For interest see this project that makes stats on users and repos

<a href="">
  <img align="center" src="" alt="Martin's GitHub Stats" />

<a href="">
  <img align="center" src="" />
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Martin's GitHub Stats

michaelcurrin profile image

I feel like you missed an opportunity in your post to post a screenshot of what a profile and top repos look like on your site. The other features you listed follow from that.