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Rajkumar Jain
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CloudPouch - AWS Cost Optimization Tool

AWS Cost Optimization Tool - CloudPouch (Desktop Application)

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As a solution architect I was looking for Cost Optimization tool that will help me/my client to look insight of AWS Service usage and give me detail overview of instance and cost.
It should not be SaaS application as I don’t want to share my credential over web but an application which is more on my private system means it should be a desktop application where I can configure multiple accounts and monitor resource usage. Help me to use AWS resources optimum and cost effective to save money.
I found similar kind of tool which match our requirement – CloudPouch.

Feature which impressed me and can’t wait to use:

  1. It is a Desktop Application which is fully in your own control no need to save / share your credential over web.
  2. Fast and Easy to use – Installation is very simple just download from Github and install on your local machine / cloud env (available to support Linux, Macintosh, and Windows OS)
  3. Support Multiple AWS Account – On a same you can view multiple account by navigating to your account name. you can view graphical reports for different period and can filter as per region.

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4.Easy to configure – You can setup your multiple account details in ~/.aws/profiles & ~/.aws/config file with least privilege to get access cost explorer

5.Best feature is that you can see insights of each service (Mouse hover) usage / cost and recommended optimization that save thousands of dollars in a very short duration as per your usage.

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6.Cost Anomaly Detection – For all service costs are analyzed and an icon is displayed if any cost spike. Each spike is marked by a red triangle on a chart, so you know what triggered cost anomaly detection

Thanks #cloudpouch #PawelZubkiewicz for AWESOME tools.

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