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Discussion on: My new RaspberryPI

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Hasse R. Hansen

I have hadan old outdated Macmini used as a git (gitea) server, timemachine server, HomeAssistant (work in progress - still need a lot of gadgets), printer server, and media server.

And after i found pi-hole ads removal, i got my mind aoudn the RaspberryPI, which i didn't know before. And i love everything about the linux system, so easy for servers.

So i installed it with the Pi-hole and made it my internal DNS / DHCP server - no more ads. AFter that i installed it as a printer server (have my own little company at home, so my office is here) And when i get a few hours for that, i will set it up as a timemaschine backup server as well.

And best of all, it's as tiny as a VISA card, and with 1 gb ram and quad core.

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Thomas Bnt

PiHole, It's really useful ! 🙌