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How to automate your Git workflow


A node js based cli that can automate your git workflow!!

Gone are the days when you had to manually create the git repo both locally and remotely.

Now you can create the repo both locally and remotely in 3-4 clicks using "gitesy"


Type this in your command prompt/terminal

npm i gitesy -g

please note - Install this as a global package otherwise this may not work as expected


Create a new repo

  • To create a local and remote repo use gitesy -n command with the name of the repo
  gitesy -n test
  • After which if you are using this for the first time you will see a prompt for entering your credentials like this

Enter them and then you will get prompts asking details of the repo fill them and then it will automatically create the repo. Then you will get the message and start working on the project !!!!

  • If you are not using this for the first time you will see a prompt asking whether gitesy can use creds you entered previously It's very easy to create a new repo and start coding. I also added the none option too, just for creating an empty git repo both locally and remotely.

Add a new template

  • To Add a template create a template add the features and then use this command from the same directory
  gitesy -a <nameOfTheTemplate>

create template demo


You can contribute to this project here

Things you can do

  • fix typos
  • add more general templates

Please give me your suggestions they are valuable to me.

Visit the npm page for gitesy here

If you like this npm package please share it so that we can make this a better package with suggestions. Thank you !!!!

You can connect with me here at twitter or LinkedIn.

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jessekphillips profile image
Jesse Phillips

In gitlab you just push. No need to rely on another application to store your password.

rampa2510 profile image

Right now gitesy doesn't have support for gitlab or bitbucket.
It only supports GitHub. But it will support the hosting services in the future. So will keep this in mind for updates thank you for pointing this out .Also the passwords are stored in a config file in your machine so there is no third party app involved in it.

jessekphillips profile image
Jesse Phillips

Both windows and Linux provide a credential store. I don't even connect to gitlab or github with a password, I use an ssh key managed by ssh.

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rampa2510 profile image

I agree but this package is not for pushing you code on web hosting services. It increases your productivity by initialising it both locally and remotely with 3-4 clicks