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Discussion on: RxJS Transducer - Harness the Power of RxJS Operators

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rasmusvhansen Author • Edited on

Hi, thanks for replying. I only just created the library a few days ago, so I wouldn't say it is popular (yet) :-)
But if you have a project where you are already using RxJS and are already familiar with the operators, I think it has a low entry barrier.

  1. So far it always drains to an array, so the only way to do that is new Map(transducer(xxx)(yyy)) which has a performance penalty of first allocating the array.
  2. You can't at the moment. But it is a good suggestion. I think I can solve both issues by allowing the transducer to produce a lazy iterable instead. I will look into that.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Mihail Malo • Edited on

My apologies.
I assumed it was a not-even-recently-added part of the ancient RxJS behemoth.
Guess that's what I get for not clicking the I have written a transducer function link :)
I see this post was more of a camouflaged release announcement than a tutorial for an established package. 😉
I think that the line that sent me on this path the most was

RxJS will in fact process streams synchronously when possible

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rasmusvhansen Author

Oh. I will make it more clear that this is a new library, and make it less camouflaged :-)