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Checking out NEXT.JS for Server Side Rendering

Ive got a private REACT.JS group with 2500 awesome folks in it! We moderate against all spam or off topic things, and its a great place to just open up and ask for help, talk about trends, and lately I have been going live in the channel promoting our new YOUTUBE LIVE REACTJS! Channel which is here:

and if interested, our Facebook group is here:

Ok with the shameless (but necessary) plugs out of the way, here is a link on Youtube (my personal channel for now) while we setup our REACTJS channel, that shows my quick dive into setting up NEXT.JS

I dont claim to be a REACTJS genius, but I will claim to be a great googler and instruction follower who is fiercely persistent at solving things.

Here is the Live video first recorded on facebook (sorry for low quality)

and here is the repo of the modified quick start app.

Warm regards, and this document will likely be updated to be awesome, for now its a link treasure trove of my journey with REACT.

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