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What is a good alternative for Windows users, anyone?


I use MobaXTerm a lot at work. It's not quite in the same category as bash and zsh - it's a terminal, really - but it brings a lot of the Unix-y goodness to Windows.

It does tabs, and it'll connect via most protocols that you're likely to need.

Plus it comes with a built in X server, which I love - just being able to run a GUI program and have it work without having to fire up another server. :-)


I use Hyper on my windows machine -- don't love it quite as much, but it's really extendible which is cool!


It looks fantastic and is customisable, as you say. Downsides are: too unstable, too slow. If only there was an iTerm port for Linux and Windows, too! :(
Truly, Nothing Compares 2 U, iTerm!


There's conemu and cmder, as well as Terminator. PowerShell is also really powerful, though it's not trying to be a *nix-style terminal so it's a bit different.

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