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Discussion on: A Git Cheatsheet Of Commands Every Developer Should Use

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Ravi Mengar Author • Edited

Hey Amir,

Here, I've tried to elaborate your question,

  1. git am - Apply a series of patches from a mailbox.

  2. git am -3 patch : By default the command will try to detect the patch format automatically. This option allows the user to bypass the automatic detection and specify the patch format that the patch(es) should be interpreted as. Valid formats are mbox, mboxrd, stgit, stgit-series and hg.
    ( the -3 will do a three-way merge if there are conflicts )

  3. git am --resolve : When a patch failure occurs, will be printed to the screen before exiting. This overrides the standard message informing you to use --continue or --skip to handle the failure. This is solely for internal use between git rebase and git am.

I hope this will help you !!!