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Strategies Used by Every Software Testing Company

Ray Parker
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Given the rise of the cyber threats and security issue, every year a software testing company has to test more than a dozen software and apps. The testing procedure goes on for months until the software is marked as safe and secure to be launched. Have you ever wondered about the testing process? Did you ever contemplate if the same strategy is used for every company or are there different strategies? If you ever thought about these questions and did not get an answer, we are here to solve the mystery for you!

Software Testing Strategies
Every process in the industry of software development and testing gets an outline made before the starting of the process. This outline, when made for the testing process, is called a software testing strategy. It defines the software development testing cycle. This helps testers, project managers, and developers to manage the testing process and stay on top of all issues. This strategy also includes the objective of testing, total time and required resources, methods of testing all functionalities, and the environment.

There are dozens of testing strategies that have been developed over time to fulfill different needs and wants of the software companies. Every strategy includes some steps that are common in a testing strategy. A software testing company can’t use the same steps in every strategy to test all kinds of software and apps. However, we have gathered some common steps of every testing strategy for you:

Fixing is Important
When we talk about testing strategy, a lot of people think it is just making test cases and evaluating the app. However, it is a lot more than that! Every testing strategy comes with fixing as well. Every testing strategy comes with a fixing strategy as well.

Real-time Discussions
If you think developers are the only ones to do reporting, we ensure you they are not alone. Every tester has to deal with reporting as well. However, at times they fail to put effort to comprehend the reports. The best solution for such a situation is to encourage real-time discussions between testers and developers.

Maintain Clarity
Clarity is always important when it comes to testing. The bug report should always be informative and clear so developers can easily plan and execute solutions. However, along with a good bug report, communication must also be maintained for better results.

Test Again and Again
One time testing can never reveal all bugs and ensure 100% safety and productivity. It must be carried out throughout the development cycle, generally, weekly or bi-weekly. This ensures that bugs do not get to stay in the software for long and get resolved as soon as possible. Testing frequently is considered the best approach all over the world.

The testing strategy shared with you is very generic and can be modified based on the requirements and needs of the software company. Every software testing company designs a separate testing strategy for a new software coming in. It can decide to add more steps or omit some of the mentioned.

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