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IMHO, 2 most important things limit the audience:

  1. Difficult to follow. Unless it's a small problem to solve it wouldn't be easy for a viewer to understand the whole context. Takes time to familiarize with the requirements and codebase.
  2. Its slow. Attention spans are getting smaller and smaller, so a viewer would get bored when the streamer would stop for few min for understanding the code.

I do however think that content which works around the above issues does have great potential. I remember paying for pluralsight to see what was basically a steam (not much editing) of someone building and application in a framework or language that I wanted to learn. Would be a much better experience if it was interactive (new business idea).

Furthermore, I think it would have great potential in OSS. If project maintainers would stream their work, it would be easier for people to get into projects and contribute.


Yeah i agree here.

For OSS it could also be a source of making money

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