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Week 5, not a release week, but I was still quite busy. I must've cursed myself when I was worried about things picking up for other courses last week. And they sure did! I didn't get to spend as much time as I'd hope for OSD700.

However, on a note that's slightly related to OSD. In one of my other classes they want us to work on our project in GitHub, with issues, PRs, and milestones all established and set up. Thing is, even though everything seems second nature to me now, no one else in my group knew how to do those things. I basically had to do mini OSD600 lessons throughout the week, while tossing Prof's videos at my teammates and hoping that they will watch them. Conclusion is, take OSD if you can. It is so worth it.

Moving on to actual OSD700 related things.

Search Tests!

There's finally been progress on tests for advanced search! I have a PR up and waiting for tweaks and reviews. I think I'm just happy that ElasticSearch-Mock is cooperating with me.

I am not totally sure why the mocks weren't clearing for me last week. I changed up how I did the tests a bit, but I think it was related to me trying to play around with both specific paths and the * for paths. It seems that probably the * path is just too generic and that maybe it caused the mocked client to not be able to find the correct mock. So not really the fault ofmock.clearAll(), but just me not knowing how to use it well enough.

Other Issues

Image description

I'm looking at the other issues that are assigned to me. First thing is that I wasn't aware I was assigned to doing React Native Documentation. Probably cause I had mentioned trying it out in the first week, then quickly scratched it off my priorities in the second week. But, its just documentation, might be fun to take a look at.

After finishing up the tests for advanced search today, I have a feeling the issue on the Satellite test is on us. Last week I had mentioned I had encountered the 404 Mock Not Found error many times when I was trying to do mocks. However I was only able to do detect those errors after I modified the search.js locally with error tracking for the function. My code was modified from this example below from the documents:

// callback API{
  index: 'my-index',
  from: 20,
  size: 10,
  body: { foo: 'bar' }
}, {
  ignore: [404],
  maxRetries: 3
}, (err, result) => {
  if (err) console.log(err)
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Even though I managed to log and find the error this way, tests for search was still basically stuck because it didn't seem like it knew what to do with the errors. Probably, we just need a way to handle errors from the function.

However, I'll still try to add the test in for Satellite. Just to be safe. The more tests the merrier?

Docker Issues

Compared to a lot of people in this class, I am very slow at getting to learning Docker. However, this week I had managed to sneak (ask to get added) into Prof's other lectures on Docker, and just the first class had cleared up some of my personal confusions.

As for these two Docker related issues "Improve size of web Dockerfile", Make Telescope project usable by a Docker Registry. I admit I am still mostly dumbfounded by it all even though there has been a lot of discussion. Hopefully by catching up with the lectures and doing a bit more research, I'll know more how to approach them.


I am glad I stuck around in OSD. My teammates from the group I mentioned earlier had been asking me where I knew all this stuff with Git and GitHub, and I've told them that it was all OSD. Then we'd laugh and try not to think about what would've happened if none of us knew how to use Git and GitHub.

I'm also quite excited in the possibility of getting to move on from ElasticSearch, and starting to learn something new (Docker). While I don't need to worry about labs and assignments for the class that I had snuck into, I'm going to count it as part of the time I'm dedicating to researching for OSD700 and I'm definitely looking forward to future lectures, and catching up on the recordings.

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