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Discussion on: Refresh JWT with Refresh Tokens in Asp Net Core 5 Rest API Step by Step

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Bob Pokorny, MBA

Hi Mohamad!

I have been following the currently 3-part series and continue to enjoy every video. I am currently experiencing a problem with the token not expiring and I think it is happening on Validation #3.

I'm finding that the expiryDate and DateTime.UtcNow values are too far apart to even expire. For example, at the time of running, my expiryDate value = '03/09/21 8:56:38 am' and my DateTime.UtcNow = '03/09/21 2:57:06 pm'.

I did end up using you exact code in GIT to make sure I'm getting the same results. Still no resolution. Then I started thinking, I am using zScaler to log into our network and wondering if that is having problems with date/time. However my expiryDate value is my local and accurate time.

Any ideas to why I cannot get my token to expire?

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Mohamad Lawand Author

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your feedback and comment, I will push an update to git repo to fix.

I apologise for the delay.