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Let me google that (issue) for you

My Workflow

This is the "lmgtfy-action"... on issue creation, the action will trigger and automatically take the issue creator's issue title or body content and use it to create a let me google that for you short url as a reply to the issue. This is just a wacky wildcard, as it's bad open source etiquette to snarkily reply to users with a let me google that for you link! Hopefully it will be unlikely that you're getting poor quality comments that the answer can be googled for as well. This might have been better as a Rick Roll even, as a search on the issue will likely turn up irrelevant results in most cases. I was mostly using this as a learning opportunity to experiment with JavaScript github actions!

Alt Text

Alt Text

This isn't being used by anything yet, it was solely created as an actionsHackathon submission.

Submission Category:

Wacky Wildcards

Yaml File or Link to Code

**Yaml workflow file**

Let me google that for you action

Add this action to your repository to auto reply to issues with a let me google that for you link.



Required Your Github Token used to auth to github rest api, set to: "${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}".


Required Use the title or body of the issue to search for. Default: "title"

Example usage

uses: rdlucas2/lmgtfy-action@v0.0.7
        github-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
        field-to-query: 'body'

Additional Resources / Info

Nothing too special about this one. I used chrome dev tools to inspect the network tab while on the "let me google that for you" site when I clicked the button to produce the short url. I copied the relevant info to postman to play with the call, then went about learning how to setup the JavaScript action. Once I did a test run to see what the payload returned, it was pretty easy to plug in the relevant info to make the necessary REST calls to the lmgtfy API and the GitHub API to create a response to the issue. I learned about a tool that was new to me... ncc, which was a nice find that I may use in future projects.

Thanks for sticking around and happy coding!

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