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Hey Caitlyn,
Nice post. Loved it.
It totaly resonates with me.

My name is Ricardo I'm full-stack developer with around 20+ years of experience in this business.
I've worked all around the world as a freelancer for major companies - Accenture, SAP, Mercedes, Siemens, BP, Deloitte and many more.
Been in China, Germany, France, Sweden, and lots of other countries.

And I have a degree in... Journalism.

The fact that you're "out-of-the-box" only enriches you as a person.
And hey... with your background you bring humanism to this area (there's too much geekines sometimes).

I always tell my colleagues: if you want to be productive and really a supa-dupa developer go and read Classic Literature first :o)

For me, the fact that I don't have a CS degree was always a motivator for me to go the extra mile, learn more, improve myself.

Love what you do, that is all that matters.

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