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E-012 The zero intruption theory [Offline Storage and Databases]

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Offline Storage and Databases

In this sleepy little episode Jon pines to be back in his 20's when he pulls an all-nighter and gets so much done.  We cover Storing JSON objects in AsyncStorage, different methods of hydration, why it's important to recognize the size of an open source community when choosing a package and/or software solution, and wrap it up with a plea to tweet us, dammit!

0:00 - Intro

0:17 - Welcome and why Jon's tired

8:56 - Main topic - Offline Storage

9:44 - AsyncStorage and Spencer's app

16:43 - Sqlite database as a solution

16:50 - Realtime database / React Native Firebase as a sync solution

18:09 - pouchDB and a lesson in jenky hydration methods

21:09 - Realm / MongoDB

24:00 - Deciding on a solution based on the size of its community

27:50 - Learn Offline storage (React Native School)

29:30 - Thanks and goodbye




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