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E-014 FireBase

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These days it's super easy to build an app with robust back-end APIs.  No one has time (or let's be real, desire) to do dev-ops, so we talk about FireBase and it's myriad of offerings from simple key/value store through various extensions like image resizing.

We have some weird phone news as Microsoft is back in the phone game again, Air BnB tries to go public even with a big COVID hit to their business (and Apple breathing down their neck) and we get our first iTunes ratings and review! WOOT!


0:00 - Intro

0:10 - Selling Jeeps and Jurassic Park

3:18 - Spencer deletes his work

5:28 - Jon's contract work and press conference 

8:36 - Mobile news

8:40 - First time Review & Rating - Thanks its_me_hugo!

9:19 - Air BnB going public

10:58 - Microsoft's Surface Duo

14:18 - Firebase Overview

18:26 - React Native Firebase

19:03 - Spencer's experience with Firebase

20:25 - Why use Firebase

21:36 - Two options to implement Firebase

23:55 - Authentication

26:35 - Cloud Firestore

31:08 - Cloud Messaging

34:01 - Cloud Storage

35:35 - Resize Images

36:79 - Trigger Email

43:41 - Crashlytics / Analytics

47:57 - Downsides to Firebase

55:56 - Wrap up




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