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E-023 Give it a Rest and use GraphQL

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It's a big week for us, we discover that Spencer wants to hang up his laptop for a lathe and be a wood worker and why Jon is living MTV's Big Brother - sharing a living space with strangers.

Microsoft is rebuilding their apps with React Native, there's been several important albeit un-exciting updates to React and Node and we talk about NPM trying to go to war with Yarn.

For this week's topic we dive into what GraphQL is (and is not), why it's pretty cool and we cover both client and server implementations including 3rd party services.


01:30 - Spencer’s off week and lack of an update 02:04 - Jon on why to read the fine print of your Airbnb reservation 03:30 - The News (Microsoft using React Native, React v17, Node v15, NPM v7) 07:45 - News Continued, Talking about Draftbit 10:35 - What is Graphql? A high level discussion. 14:10 - How does Graphql work? What’s the integration look like? 18:00 - Why Graphql is so nice for mobile development 20:00 - Walking through an example of using Graphql for Jon’s conference app 24:45 - Graphiql. An amazing development tool for Graphql 26:00 - No more endpoint versioning 27:30 - Implementing Graphql 36:40 - Graphql is to REST as REST was to SOAP? Maybe not as dramatic… 37:10 - Jon repaving the road to hell    Links: Spencer's Shameless Plugs

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