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E-026 Pour me another Draft(bit) please - Talking Draftbit with Peter Piekarczyk

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We have a new friends of the show - Peter Piekarczyk joins us to talk about his company Draftbit and how it can help accelerate your mobile app development using their interface.  Build multiple screens, complex UIs with their drag-n-drop interface, tweak properties to get it just right and view the generated code, or export your app so you're not jailed into their system!  Oh did I mention you can scan a QR code at any point and view it immediately on your device?  Pretty amazing.

We also talk about beer, black Friday preparations, travel during these weird times and a lot more.

0:00 - Welcome

0:35 - Introduction of our guest

3:31 - Jon's update (brewery fun)

5:40 - Spencer's update (Firebase, and Black Friday preparation)

6:27 - Peter's update (Travel)

7:50 - Hammerspoon and Home Assistant

11:06 - Mobile News (Apple's One More Thing event)

17:15 - Draftbit

24:25 - Reason / Rescript

30:11 - Draftbit's Origin Story

33:17 - Workflow

39:29 - Video tutorials

40:39 - Getting access

42:32 - Wrap Up




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