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E-027: Javascript Runtime

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This week Spencer really wants an XBox and keeps getting denied, if anyone has a hookup - let him know.  Jon gets sucked into the mechanical keyboard community.

Then we focus in React Native and talk about how it all works with transpiling and polyfills,. The best part is that you don't need to understand all of this to use it and make great Apps.


03:20 - Jon fell down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole 08:10 - Apple Cutting Fees to 15% (if making less than $1mil/year) 10:10 - Foxconn and flip phones 12:40 - Spencer’s warning: he just learned what he’s talking about 14:40 - What is a JavaScript Runtime? 16:00 - The different JavaScript Runtimes available (presently) and when they’re used 20:30 - Flamboyant claims: the key to listener engagement 21:20 - How transpiling “just works”® in React Native 28:45 - What APIs are available in React Native? Talking polyfills. 31:00 - What is Hermes and how does it fit in? 34:45 - Where to learn more about this stuff   Spencer's Shameless Plugs React Native Fundamentals Workshop React Native School   Jon's Shameless Plugs FastLane Cheat Codes (Sign Up Now)

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