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React useState Guides

useState allows you to preservevalues between the function calls.

This is a collection of top and trending guides written by the community on subjects related to React useState concepts. For all things React, check out the React tag! Please contribute more posts like this to help your fellow developer in need.

React Hook useState in TypeScript

First of all, look at the useState method description at the types file of the React API:

Build a React Hooks Shopping Cart with useState and useEffect

First, I will show an example of how to use the useState hook.

Using the useState Hook and Working with Forms in React.js.

Let’s build a basic form today using a functional component and using the useState hook.

From ReactJS Class Component to Functional Component - useState (Part 1)

Hello everyone, In this post (Two parts) I'll convert a reactjs code from a class component to a functional component. Focusing on useState and useEffect hooks.

let's begin with the part 1 useState hook.

How to use React Hook useState in React Native?

Hello world,

we will discuss on how to use the useState hook in Reactjs with examples.

React Native Hooks , How To Use useState and useEffect Example

Above example, simply import the useState from react other than react elements. This is the JavaScript function and not the react class component where I showed you an early example.

Callback solution for useState hook in React

But in functional components, we don't have any such callback function in useState hook. However, you can achieve this in a cleaner way using useEffect hook with correct dependencies. Check the example below:

How to syncing React state across multiple tabs with useState Hook and localStorage

In the case of applications developed in ReactJS that work with state control using useState and useContext hooks, or even Redux in more complex scenarios, by default, the context is kept separately for each active tab in the user's browser.

useReducer instead of useState while calling APIs!

It’s been a while since React has introduced Hooks and we all fell in love with it’s patterns and ease of use. Though this is the case, many of us do not leverage all the features, hooks provide and useReducer is one of them! Because useState is the hook which we learn first, we do not make much use of useReducer hook. So in this article, I will be focussing on useReducer and will walk you through the best use-cases to implement it.

5 use cases of the useState ReactJS hook

There are many use cases for the useState hook, but in this article, I will focus on the following five:

Implementing the useState Hook

This post details my process of reimplementing the useState hook. For me, the goal was never to exactly match the real implementation. The goal was to gain some insight into how some like useState can be implemented.

I replaced useState hook with custom one

Initially, when I was using useState hook I found myself declaring many primitive state variables in single component.

how tf do you store a function with the useState hook?

React provides a way to lazily initialise a state hook. Doing so ensures that your state is initially set only once. You can utilize this by

passing an argument-less function to useState that returns the initial value.

Why to use useState in react?

What will happen if we don't use the useState hook in react?

Let's take an example, suppose we want to create a counter button that increments itself by one.

Use React's useState and useReducer without Worrying about Immutability

We were editing the UserCardEditor component right? Let's replace the useState with useImmer:

React Pitfalls: useState initialization

This is a quick post about a "gotcha" I encountered recently in a React application.

This involved the use of React's useState hook, which had a subtle difference

between how I thought the hook worked, and how it actually worked.

Connect useEffect and useState to Update Components with Data

When we want to render our component with data we've useEffected from the internet, we need to need a useState updater function to call.

React useState lazy initialization in one glance

useState is the simplest React hook out in wild but it has a very interesting feature — lazy initialization

If you provide useState with a function, then it will be executed only on the initial render.

useDependentState - React useState hook with dependencies

I've been using React hooks for a bit and have found several cases where I've needed useState to update when the initial value changes. The typical pattern I've used is something like this:

Should you useState or useReducer 🤷? Doesn't matter really. Explained in 3 mins.

First, the simpler case: any useState can be implemented using useReducer. In fact, the useState hook itself is implemented by a reducer.

Learn the useState hook by example

In this guide, we'll take a look into useState by comparing class and function components.

You (probably) don't need that useState + useEffect

The useState and useEffect hooks were a godsend for the React community. However, like any tool, these can easily be abused.

Challenge: Write a useState hook without copying React's

Hi there,

Yesterday I came up with the idea of building my own useState function. I thought it'd be easy, since we can always use lexical's scope. So I tried it. And it didn't work.

Entendendo useState e useReducer

O estado em uma aplicação react é um faz parte dos conceitos fundamentais da biblioteca, desde a adoção dos hooks na versão 16.8 temos dois hooks que tem a função de lidar com estados, o useState e o useReducer. Nesse post eu vou tentar dar uma breve explicação sobre cada um dos hooks e suas particularidades;

React Hooks: useState Explained in 5 Minutes

When creating a React app, we'll almost always need a way to store / manage state within our component(s) — the useState React Hook allows us to do this in a cleaner and more concise way.

What is useState hook and how do you use it?

This post will primarily focus on the basic useState hook.

All the use cases of useState I use in my projects.

In this post I will discuss the ways in which I use useState in my projects.

React Tricks Miniseries 4: How to remove element from useState array

The useState hook in react works wonders and can be used to manipulate variables of various data types.

useReducer Vs useState (The War)

In this post, we are going to see the difference between useReducer and useState hooks and when to use them.

Les hooks React expliqués!: useState (1/8)

Pour ceux qui utilisent React depuis les versions <16.8, useState est l'équivalent de this.state et this.setState. C'est le "hook d'état" qui permet de gérer un état dans un composant basé sur une fonction.

ReScript: Using useState in rescript-react

React has a useState hook that's great for keeping track of some simple state. rescript-react also has this hook, but the API is a bit different in that it only contains the function variations of useState. Here's a basic example that extends the example we created previously.

Why Doesn't React's useState Hook Merge Objects?

I saw a question today about React's useState hook, as there is unexpected behavior compared to this.setState in class components.

todo list app (CRUD operations) using only useState hook | react | tailwind css | next

Todo list app (CRUD operations) using only useState hook | react | tailwind css | next

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React Hooks - useState and useReducer cheat sheet - for developers who don't know Redux

If you know how useState works, then you can skip this section, and I am going to compare useReducer to useState.

Aqui está um tutorial de useState (ou quase)

Mas fica tranquilo que pelo menos o useState eu posso tentar te ensinar de uma forma simples como se você estivesse no ensino fundamental pela primeira vez.

useRef vs useState hook in React

Now, if we run the above code with the useState hook where we define a count state variable and set it's initial value to zero but increment it by one on every button click, we'll see that the result is same but our component re-renders every time when the button is clicked since the console.log statement prints again and again:

Beginners Guide to props and useState in ReactJS

Using Components you can easily code individual features and tie them together, My app had two features first was to create a goal and second to list the created goals. The Creation of the Goal was done with the help Of NewGoal Component as I was dealing with user input I had to make use of useState hooks and also for communication between components I used props.

Updating State With useState Hook

The useState hook is a convenient method to provide a temporary component state. It is very common to invoke the useState hook for added interactivity of a button or other visual components. There are 3 main concerns when using the useState hook.

UseState is asynchronous: Learn how to use useState and useEffect properly

So, what happening? The value of val isn’t updated immediately, useState is asynchronous. It takes time to update so it allows rest of the program to continue and updates the value later.

Simplify with useState React Hook

So to explain what we've done here, we first needed to import the useState package so that we can use it in our code. You will also note that we are no longer importing Component.

Using React's useState Hook for Sorting

Now that we've done that, when we click the header cell nothing happens—why? We have this newly sorted transaction list, but it's not connected to anything. To force the app to re-render the component with the sorted list, we'll need to use useState and update state value. First, let's import useState into our project and set the initial value to our hard coded transactions list (for the sake of this example, we aren't persisting any changes to a server).

Why doesn't useState has a dependency array?

Why doesn't useState return updated value based on if the value passed to it is changed? or why doesn't it have a dependency array like useEffect if we don't want to change its behaviour.

A Complete Beginner's Guide to React useState hook [Part 1]

In this article, we will deep dive into the world of React hooks, useState in particular from a beginner's point of view.

React Hooks are the result of a continuous rise in functional programming over the years.

Happy React useState coding!