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iBunda Web Programming Project

Patricia Joanne
A designer who codes.
Originally published at ・1 min read

Today I just want to show off my Web Development final project. I did this with Shofiyyah and Fauzi. Actually the final look isn’t as what I expected like the mock ups. But I don’t care as long as the website can operate well.
Here is the screenshot of my team’s website homepage.

Alt Text

We made this website with HTML, CSS, and PHP languages. We also used CodeIgniter framework to make the connection to database. The features in this website are: authentication (sign in and sign up), error messages in signing, accounts profile (including member joining time), creating/updating/deleting article, and making comments on articles. You can check the raw codes in my Github repository here.

That’s it. I wish I have more free time to develop this website again so it will look better. We needed to add some important features like: forgot password, add photo to article, edit profile, tidy up the comment section, add settings, add featured posts on homepage, and many more. This time I only finished until there because tomorrow we will present the project for our Web Development practical study final score.

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What ibunda means? In brazil bunda mean ass haha

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Patricia Joanne Author

LOL, in Indonesia it's mom.