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When I'm doing anything, let alone coding, and my brain is thinking "I wonder if I should...", I have made the habit of muttering to myself "Murphy is an Optimist!" Suddenly many scenarios cross my mind that I hadn't consciously thought of and I alter things accordingly if needed (or if I get paranoid enough about it!) Oh yes, and his sister Irony is almost as bad! Always makes me chuckle because it's true. Cheers!


Nice one.

The habit of staying on track is so crucial. Mine analog is asking «What am I doing?» and then switching from current task to the initial one, lol.


Along a similar line, my military past brings a "perimeter check" to my brain whenever my focus falters, but I apply it to the perimeters of my focus. It usually reveals where the thought tangents are. I get a visual in my mind that shows what I call a "thought leak" and I can feel the sometimes many different vectors of thought leaking out and stealing my focus. A neat thing about this is I can follow those vectors.... But that's where rabbit holes meet black holes and your lost! 🤓

Sounds cool. What is a perimeter check?

Every morning before I go grab a coffee, I take a casual walk around my property, enjoy and see that everything is ok and secure. In the context we're talking, I do the same mentally with what I'm focusing on.

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