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New to Rust


I am new to the Rust language and was hoping that, by posting here, I would be able to get some tips on some of the best ways to learn the language. I have been using JavaScript/TypeScript for almost 5 years now and Python for about 7. I have been wanting to learn C++ for game design but I keep seeing Rust beating it out in the sense that it is a bit easier to learn and can sometimes be more performant. I am looking for any project recommendations, tutorial videos, courses, blog posts or books to learn the language.

Loving It So Far

From what I have gone through on the website as well as The Rust Programming Language book I am really enjoying the language and what it has to offer. I know that "The Book" has some fun little projects that you get to build to see the ins and outs of the language and put the basics together but I am wanting to learn how to use Rust for backend development as well as possibly for game design.


Thank you to anyone that responds to this post and helps out. For those of you that are looking forward to my Udemy course on Angular and Nestjs I took a little break over the holidays from writing out the material but should be back to recording soon and will have the course ready hopefully by early to mid March.

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