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Flutter Bloc : A Complete Guide


  • When it comes to building an application, Flutter is the easiest and powerful framework.
  • But building an application without any strong architecture is like building a house without any planning and blueprints.
  • You won't understand the uses of architecture when building small applications.
  • But when it comes to building a big production level application where you have many screens, animations, methods, classes, etc, without any proper architecture you will end up in a state where everything is messed up and you don't know how all the components, classes, methods are communicating and functioning.
  • So it is very necessary to maintain the code make code more readable and testable, and easily trackable when designing and developing this kind of big application. There are many different packages available, and all have their own way to handle application states.
  • In this article, I am going to talk about Bloc. Bloc is not just a state management, but it's also an architectural design pattern which helps us to build production-level applications.

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