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Discussion on: Should programming be taught in schools?

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Reece Coombes Author

That's really interesting! So when you went to school, you were taught really theoretical computer science subjects, and clearly that was a massive success!

In the UK, I know languages like Basic have been taught in schools (Basic was taught in the early 80s), but generally, there has been very little effort to introduce programming into the curriculum.

Of course, we are now trying to catch up with the demand, but with teachers who've never touched code before, and authorities who just don't have the industry insight, I think it's going to be very long time before programming is taught to the standard it should be here.

I should add that I'm not blaming the teachers or anyone in particular for this problem - I think the teachers are trying their absolute best to teach this to students but without the right training it'll just be too much of a challenge for them.