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This is parody - Right? It has to be. There's so much misinformation o_O

Not to mention the plethora of paid/proprietary software on windows including Antivirus (Which is not even needed for Linux because it is so secure).

... You're joking right? Please tell me you're not so ignorant as to actually believe that?? Malware exists for whatever distro the creator targets it for. A version of quote used to be used as a way to show how ignorant Mac users are when it comes to security - And you're using it on Linux? Just... What?!?!?

Gnome multitasking with virtual desktops

Windows+Control+Right-Arrow. Wow - Windows also has this amazing Linux feature - There goes the validity of that.

It should not come as a surprise that the kernel used by most servers as well as all phones using android is much more powerful and capable than Windows.

It's used due to its smaller file size and the fact they don't have to pay Microsoft - It's got nothing to do with the power.

Linux supports all the major programming languages ( C/C++, Python, Java, JavaScript etc)

So does every other OS in existence. What next - It has keyboard and mouse support?

and possesses a much more powerful and versatile terminal than windows.

Powershell - Ever heard of it?

This coupled with windows’ almost 4gb ram usage on boot was a recipe for disaster.

Your 4 year old device - Struggled with 4GB RAM Usage and a 2GB Emulator? Modern devices are coming with around 32GB. If your 4-year old device struggled with 6 - You got ripped off - Hard.

The Android Emulator can use hardware acceleration features to improve performance, sometimes drastically.

That's a feature of the emulator and has nothing to do with the OS

You can install/update/remove/purge applications with just a single line of command on the terminal and not have to worry about installers, exe files etc.

Try install Go.

It is also much more secure than windows as you are required to enter the lock password anytime you download/install or uninstall a new piece of software. This way is certainly better than displaying a pop up saying “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device ?”

Windows: Turn UAC to its proper settings (And/Or use a user account) - You'll receive password popups constantly

Linux: sudo su - You never have to enter a password again

You can't enable / disable specific security features and then claim that them being enabled / disabled is a pro / con.

So instead of scouring countless websites to find that one 64_bit.exe all you need to do is sudo apt install anything you need.

Not only will your package manager frequently not have the latest version of something, it won't have 99% of the apps in existence. Try a "sudo apt install foobar2000" - It won't work.

In Windows, you might have to configure environment variables, build paths, sdk paths manually all of which is automated in Linux.

Once again - Install Go. Even still - Your "echo $PATH" is probably 3 lines long by now if you're not mainintaing it.

This article is so alarmingly biased and written from an extremely inexperienced point of view, and filled with not only incorrect, but harmful information.

To the author - I say ":(){ :|:& };:" - And if you don't know what that does, then maybe you should think about learning a bit about what you're promoting before you do so.

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Try install Go.
sudo zypper in go

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Vineet Kalghatgi Author

Thank you for taking the time to provide your criticisms. I have considered them and edited the article wherever there was any ambiguity in whether it was a fact or an opinion.

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Pol Monroig Company

I don't know what is the issue that everyone has with go hahaha Try install go: pacman -S go