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Experience with Nextcloud Docker Install

I'm trying to move away from google drive cloud storage for my files, photos, documents, etc so I wanted to do a nextcloud docker install. I had one on my in house server but I'd rather have it hosted on a VPS for uptime purposes. I decided to use Linode to host my server since they have a cheap, flat rate versus AWS so I won't get a surprised bill.

Actually installing and getting the container installed was pretty easy in the terminal. The only real difficult part was getting the SQL database configured so it would install. I tried using sqlite even though I was warned against using it, and they were right to warn me cause it was really slow and completely unusable. I had to trash the container because of how slow it was and make a new one. This time I went with mariadb which was recommended by nextcloud documentation. But for whatever reason I was getting an error installing client-core-10.7.

My error

Attempting to install through the command line doesn't give me headway. Then I thought, what if I could install it in the docker container? And sure enough there was a docker image. I followed the instructions install mariadb in a container and run it.

I'm in

I'm not familiar with how to create a db, user, password, and to grant privileges to the user to have full access to the db but I followed a tutorial on how to get that done and it was pretty simple. I then navigated to the install, input my credentials and everything installed successfully.

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