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re: #MakeTheChange: From Java to Kotlin VIEW POST


Thanks for the informative post. I wanted to ask if it makes more sense for someone to start out learning Android using Java and switch to Kotlin at a later stage compared to learning Android using Kotlin from the get-go, assuming no knowledge about Java in either case.


Ooh, that's a tough one. Java is my foundation; it's the first programming language I learned in school. Switching to Kotlin was easy (or, easier) because I already had a foundation. Most of it is the same in both languages, with minor tweaks (such as no commas in Kotlin).

Personally, I would say just dive in with Kotlin for Android. It's officially supported, and a lot of stuff is happening with Kotlin in the forefront now. Start with Kotlin. If you find a tutorial in Java, you can always copy and paste it into Android Studio and it will automatically convert it to Kotlin for you as best as it can.

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