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Hi Matt,

I wrote an article on Importing data into DynamoDB as fast as possible with as little as possible effort. rehanvdm.com/serverless/dynamodb-i...

So you can put your Custom Resource on steroids if you rather pass the S3 path to the data you want to import as a param. Then stream from S3 and write to Dynamo in parallel.

I only started to play with CDK a week ago and absolutely love it, it is a must for anyone doing raw cloud formation.


Those are some great insights, thanks Rehan! I've been working on generating the data in a lambda and loading it - this should help a lot. I also think that teams might want to check a csv into source control representing different scenarios (for test automation, for example) that could get automatically provisioned and streamed to the DB.


Yes brilliant idea, new environments will then have consistent data after being created, great for testing scenarios.

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