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I am using the dark theme, but I still get this new light theme on my homepage. The articles pages are still in dark theme though. Is this intentional?


Fix has been deployed.... The issue that this was meant to fix now persists, but it's the far lesser of two problems. 🙃


Thanks @rehmatfalcon : we've noticed this too and are working on it!


That was based on my hasty move to change another issue. But it's being reverted as part of this...

Adjust overflow in comments and revert inline css #7799

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  • [x] Bug Fix
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This makes an adjustment so longer comments subtly fade away... Maybe not the permanent solution but I think it works...

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 12 12 25 PM

This also fixes the ill-fated inlined <style>

Thanks for the quick debugging help everyone 😭

Lights out now. That was fast :)

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