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I graduated with a Computer Science degree in December 2001. It was shortly after 9/11, and there was some kind of weird IT panic going on. People were firing IT staff - or so it seemed. I had no idea why. Something something redirecting money to security.

After 2 months of searching and finding nothing near me (remote wasn't really a thing back then) I took a job a half hour away in a call center for dialup tech support. I felt defeated and like the work wasn't what i wanted, or even what i was good at.

About 3 weeks into the job, the CTO, who I went to high school with, mentioned that they wanted me to write them a web application, so I did (I'd never written a web application - I'd written a few web sites (on geocities), but I knew nothing of database connections or anything of the sort). After that they moved me to their development team permanently.

I wasn't paid enough for my work, they didn't bother to change my pay from the call center, and it took them about 3 years to get me up to what would have been an okay salary for a 24 year old back then, but I don't think that's super common - they just kinda sucked :D

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