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Adding comments to GatsbyJS/React sites

Remark Ninja is a comment system we've been using for our own sites and a few sites of clients and friends. Now we are releasing a beta version as a free hosted service.

We use the React-based framework GatsbyJS for most of our sites, so at this moment we are only providing React integration. You only need to add one line to your template.

First, install the NPM module:

npm i -S remark-ninja-react

Then just add the Comments component at the appropriate place.

import Comments from 'remark-ninja-react';


<Comments siteId="..." threadSlug="..." />

siteId is the unique site ID you can find on the settings page after creating a site in the management console. threadSlug is the identifier for the comment thread. If you're using it for your blog, and each post has a unique URL, you can simply omit it, in which case it's generated from the URL path component. Please refer to the documentation for details. We are still making some minor changes to the RESTful API before publishing the API docs and creating components/plugins for non-React sites.

Sign up for free and try it.

We expect to add the following features in the next few weeks:

  • better moderation tools
  • SPAM filtering
  • reply and notifications

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