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Simple Programmer Bloggin Free Course Week 24

Simple Programmer blogging free course

Simple Programmer is a blog / online course website for developers, it’s mainly maintained by John Sonmez. While it began as a technical blog it’s not more oriented on soft skills and career advise. I think I began to read this blog around 2009-2010 and I’ve been reading regularly it’s post since. Sometimes it’s not really interesting (like John thoughts when he didn’t have enough workout during the week or how you can negociate your pay for a job in the US) but most of the time it’s a good read and easy to understand.

Since the beginning of this year I decided to change my job, on which I am since 2007. My new job is as a Java / Spiring Angular developer in a company called Pangee which is located in Toulouse. After this decision was made I was a bit sad to leave the Microsoft space as this last years changes (including the recent Github buyout) are in, my opinion, quite awesome. So I decided to start participating in the .net community :

  • I created a twitter account where I ask questions to some of the greatest developer of our planet (to which they always answer nicely),
  • I opened source my pet projects and I participate, as often as I can to .net open source project (I enjoy reading corefx or blazor source code)
  • and I started this blog. On Twitter someone said a lot of good thing about the Free Blogging course from simple programmer, so i decided it could be a good starting point as my previous attempt were failure.

It’s available here (, it follows the following form : you receive an email every monday and thursday with instruction / advice. It’s not revolutionnary but it’s a motivation bump and some advice are really good (no spoiler).

And If you get through this you get this beautiful badge

Simple programmer Free Blogging Course

You can find the full list of the blogs I follow here (

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