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Discussion on: Implementing SOLID and the onion architecture in Node.js with TypeScript and InversifyJS

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Remo H. Jansen Author • Edited

I just watched your talk and maybe I'm getting it wrong but it seems like you are not happy about the n-tier architecture, not the onion architecture. They are actually quite different (I have also experienced the n-tier pain).



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One of the things you mention is that you are able to change the used ORM tool. In the onion architecture, this is perfectly possible. In fact, we migrated from sequelize to TypeORM and it was a small job.

When a system becomes more complex, the onion architecture can be combined with the CQRS and the Unit of work patterns and when it becomes even more complex it can be split into "a bag of onions".

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Jimmy Bogard

No, this was an onion architecture, your second picture, not n-tier. Like literally the dude that invented the term, this was the project and we moved away after a few months.

So we start with CQRS and only add any kind of layering like onion as necessary. It's just been 8 years going CQRS-first, and have yet to really need any layers. No abstractions, nothing like a repository or service layer, nothing like that. Just unnecessary.

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