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Save state to localStorage

Good morning,

I need to save a state (which is a list of objects) in a localStorage, but the first value is always "[]", because I initialized the state that way.

const [favorites, setFavorites] = useState<IPodcast[]>([]);
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On localStorage it looks like this:
Image description

I need the first value saved in localStorage to be the first value in my list. Below is the code responsible for saving the state in localStorage.

function adicionarFavorito(evento: React.FormEvent<HTMLFormElement>) {
podcastList.filter((p) => === idPodcast)
.map((p) => (setFavorites((oldFavorites) => [...oldFavorites, { ...podcastList[p.num] }])));
localStorage.setItem("favorites", JSON.stringify(favorites));
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Can someone help me?

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