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re: My reasoning for that is I don't really know much about Manjaro and I wanted to only speak to distros I have experience with. I actually read an ar...

It really is. Your Linux/bsd history is almost identical to mine over about the same amount of time. I've finally settled on a desktop distro. I'd never use it for a server, but it's great to have a full desktop distro after clicking a few buttons and then have Pacman, pamac, and sure right there. It's really the best Linux experience I've had in YEARS.

Nice. Yes, pacman is one of the things I really love about Arch. It works so consistently easy. I know others have had issues with it but I've been really lucky apparently.

I would like to add, if you're looking to play games on Linux, Manjaro is your best choice. Thanks to Manjaro Hardware Settings installing the proprietary drivers for your GPU is a breeze. Plus you get all the Arch goodness, including the support if can't find a solution on the Manjaro Forum, the Arch solutions work exactly as well.

I have had, and tried a ton of distros. I have used Fedora for the longest (26, 27 and 28), tried Debian, Ubuntu and PopOS, even Kali (for... reasons). And none compares to using Manjaro, it has been a great experience so far, and the first distro that made me completely switch from Windows.

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