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I have to use Javascript though i hate its dynamic nature. I have no choice in browser.
On server-side, dynamic languages are bad, no matter what benefit it brings.
I'll prefer using statically-typed languages to a dynamic languages.


Yes, if Typescript doesn't compile to Javascript. Why i have to use Typescript if it still compiles to Javascript ?


Look up to see if some of your favorite typed languages are targeting web assembly. I heard the Rust and Go people are, and C# is getting Blazor, and has a few other projects like Ooui.


While I tend to agree, I really suggest giving Elixir a try. There are typed structs and pattern matching helps too. I really don't think the coding experience is the same as other dynamic languages (JS in particular).

The major benefit of a type-system in Elixir would be performance. There isn't much more you could do to improve the dev experience

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