Hello Universe

rgthree profile image Regis Gaughan, III ・1 min read


Hi, I’m Regis. I'm a seasoned full stack engineer with a focus on building immersive, best-in-class experiences for the web.

My work experience over the last couple decades has been expansive. I've freelanced as a multi-media designer and engineer to make ends meet; I've worked for myself creating award-winning software used by millions of people each day; and I've worked at both a tiny tech startup with as little as six people all the way to one of the largest tech companies in the world. I'm currently at Google building, leading, and managing engineering teams for Google News.

Why am I on DEV?

My journey is somewhat unique, and I’ve been a technical and professional mentor to team members and colleagues for decades. I've applied my own experiences to help all sorts of people; whether new hires understand the complexities of writing software, or seasoned engineers achieve high-level career positions. I’m here to help.

But mostly, I just like sharing things I’ve learned, whether from yesterday or 15 years ago.


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