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So the hard answer is: it depends.

It depends on where you are with your current knowledge of JavaScript. It depends on where your interests are. It depends on how much you see yourself developing in JavaScript versus other languages. It depends on how much time and energy you can afford. It depends on your motivation - are you trying to get up to speed on JavaScript orare you looking to get a deeper understanding having worked with it for a while?

What you'll find is having deeper knowledge of the language gives you the ability to quickly dig in to understanding problems that others without that knowledge can only attack on a surface level without spending time doing their own research. Even if you don't remember all of the details that you read, you'll often remember the general structure enough that it will pay off down the line if you find yourself working with JavaScript heavily.

You will also often find along the way that you learn little things that are helpful as you develop - things that you might not have been aware that you could do.

I will say that I've been programming for a very long time and I never have regretted learning stuff like this even if I don't use it. Learning is a crucial skill in and of itself and one that you will need to make use of throughout your programming career, and keeping that skill practiced keeps you sharp and able to pick up new material. So, even if you may never use some of the things you learned, your work in reading this book will pay off, helping keep you sharp and ready to pick up the next thing you learn.


Amazing response! I work React everyday at my job and I find myself not truly understanding what’s going on in the code around certain things like classes, promises, observables, etc. This makes things quite difficult to work with at times, so that is my motivation for trying to learn the core parts of the language for myself.

Thanks for your reply, it’s given me confidence that I’ve likely taken the right approach.


I'm in a similar boat, trying to eat up as much JS as a I can because I love working with front end, but often find myself floundering because I don't understand what's going on in the background. I'm learning from the beginning, but I've already been able to solve a lot of problems that I was stumped by before.

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