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"Remember, no carpenters fight on what is the best hammer."

Maybe not fight, but discuss, suggest, compare and improve.
Maybe not a hammer, but a saw, a machine, wood types, safety measures.
There's merit in comparing the tools, but balance is essential.

Job vacancy <> trends is a faux comparison IMO because one is more "solid" than the other.

There's also the sunk cost fallacy of tech choice where since you already have stuff done in x tech and the cost of change.

The problem with comparing ROI in learning with money is that there's no solid measure. You reuse most of your experience in any other language if it stays in similar scopes (like web), it's very unlikely that you'll lose 100% of your investment. The bar for entering into web development today is way lower than 10 years ago, so any investment 10 years ago doesn't have the same cost today.

Very well written article and was a nice read and point-of-view, but I feel the premise is misguided and the conclusion has no use.

No, I did not "invest" in bitcoin.


Hello Rodrigo,
Glad you did not put any money on Bitcoin,
anyway, yes all developers should discuss in order to improve but nowadays is easier to find close-minded people that just want to fight than compare.
This article was just a thought I wanted to share with you.


Sure thing.

I personally don't like PHP (bad experience) and wouldn't recommend, but understand it's perks and advantages.

But it's also refreshing to see analogies outside the industry. We're mostly secluded from other industries and spoiled in many senses, so it's good to spark some discussion.

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