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re: You didn't mention the techs you used (e.g. WinForms, WPF, UWP). HTML/CSS is nothing really like WinForms dev. It has some similarity to the other ...

Didn't know about Semantic UI, thanks :D


Exceptionally good quality and variety of controls there. Even the CSS-only distribution, which is what I use.

How are they doing in the department of "table with server side pagination" ?

It's like the great classic for admin applications :D

Pretty good on that front, as far as the UI elements.


Edit: If you're looking for databinding though (something the Telerik / DevExpress controls do), you won't find it. That's left up to the language or framework you are using. I much prefer to handle this anyway rather than spending a lot of time trying to figure out the right data binding expressions to accomplish exactly what I want to do. It is pretty straightforward in Elm, for instance.

-- in Update
    SearchSubmitted ->
        { model | results = Loading }
            ! [ Api.search model.apiConfig
                    { search = model.search
                    , page = model.page
                    , pageSize = model.pageSize

    SearchReturned (Err err) ->
        { model | results = LoadFailed err } ! []

    SearchReturned (Ok ok) ->
        { model | results = Loaded ok } ! []

-- in view

view model =
    -- semantic celled table
    table [ class "ui celled table" ]
        [ thead [] [ ... ] -- header stuff
        , tbody []
            ( case model.result of
                  Loading ->
                      -- display a spinner or loading message

                  LoadFailed err ->
                      -- display an error message, could be elsewhere

                  Loaded data ->
                      -- toRow: fn to convert data to table row
                      List.map toRow data
        , tfoot [] [ ... ] -- pager stuff

Thanks for the explanation. I'm using Bulma through buefy right now in a Vue app but I'm not 100% satisfied. Semantic UI's approach is interesting.

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