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Well said Ben, Rails is still a solid piece of technology.

I had to make modifications in a web app I haven't touched in a while and was super happy that thanks to Arel and Rails writing complex queries is a breeze.

Having wrote an app in Go I definitely agree, what you get in power you lose in productivity. It's also hard to find developers and that's another thing you should keep in mind when starting a business venture.

It's like we all forgot that the old saying "premature optimization is the root of all evil" applies also to technological choices.

Rails can be scaled and if you arrive at the limits of it it's, hopefully, because you have a very successful product 😎

These big frameworks are perfectly fine in 2018.

I guess this microservice thing went to our heads a little. Most apps should be a monolith first.

I bookmarked the news on Rails 5.2 ✌🏾

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