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Hi Sam,

thanks for the article.

Back in the day (which is only five months ago) I was trying to figure out which framework to use (I had also considered Vuetify and the other material based frameworks) and chose Buefy. I've been liking it. The main issues I have with it are:

  • zero tests. Regressions are normal even for tested code so if it's not tested you're bound to have some and it actually happens sometimes in the releases (they are planning to have them for the 1.0 release)

  • you can't use components a-la-carte. There is no way to bundle in your final JS only the components you're actually using (don't think they'll do it soon)

Bootstrap-vue 2 has both as far as I know and it also doesn't depend on jQuery but I guess that if you want to use one of the components made for standard bootstrap then you have to include jquery... but maybe you can avoid them!


Thanks for the comment. Yes the lack of testing does worry me, but it's good to know they are addressing that missing piece of the jigsaw. At least you can lock down the version you want and know works and can upgrade in safety only committing if you know it all still works through you're own testing, but nothings foolproof.

There's certainly a large number of frameworks out there, these are the ones that looked the most interesting to me but I'll be sure to have a look at the ones you've mentioned, thanks.

I'm not too worried about the lack of component bundling customisation but it's good for people to know these things.

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