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A long time ago Ryan Carson had a company called Carsonified in which employees worked four days a week.

He was a big proponent and tried to replicate it with his new company Treehouse.

I'm not sure what happened (investors pressure?) but he did a 180 saying that the employees lacked a work ethic and he backtracked from this:

I think it was more about the people he hired than the actual concept of the 4 days week. Most people are not productive for 8 hours a day. France has a 35 hour week (not enforced everywhere) and it's doing ok I guess.

It can work but you have to find the right company staffed with the right people.

We're slowly moving towards a decentralized type of work, maybe four hours week will be more accepted when people don't have to phisically be in the same place with task oriented jobs? I don't know, just talking out loud.


he did a 180 saying that the employees lacked a work ethic and he backtracked from this

Finding it hard to understand this line of thinking. Why would 5 days a week of work make people have a work ethic but 4 not? As you say, it's more of a people and motivation problem in my view


Yeah, I don't think he's telling the whole truth. Increasing working hours usually has to do with pressure to deliver something. As you say if you employees are taking advantage of the 4 days week (how?) they will do the same if you add one more day :D


Oh wow, I didn't know that he changed his mind on that.


I found out today too, researching him before writing the comment :P

I was still convinced he had the 4 days week at his new company as well.

There's a lot of bitterness in his words when he's asked why he backtracked, I don't believe he's being totally transparent about what happened, which is disappointing because he seemed a paragon of transparency "back in the days".

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